Aug 28, 2009

The Blessing of Happiness

You know happiness is not promised to those who follow Christ. In fact, we are promised a life of suffering, persecution, challenge, misunderstanding, pain and injustice. We are being pursued by this world, not so we can be fulfilled but so that we feel like we are separated from God.

The Word says we can never be separated from the love of Christ, but if the enemy can succeed in making us feel like we are unloved then he has us cornered.

Because happiness is not promised to us, because we are not entitnled to shows us how much we are loved by God. To me...this makes the taste of happiness so sweet. When we get a little bit of's like honey on our lips. As few and far between as true happiness may be, it is worth the wait and it needs to be savored...not scarfed.

Don't forget what a blessing you have in happiness. There are some who walk through life in a famine, a drought; they wander through the wastelands of their life wondering what that sweet honey tastes like.

So please, cherish it. Savor it. Don't worship it...but see it as a real blessing from God...and by all means....ENJOY IT!

I sure am.

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