Sep 1, 2009

Sweet Around the Salty

You know not everything in life is sweet...otherwise all of us salt loving people would be out of luck. Although I am a salt lover, I never understood the reasoning behind putting salt on watermelon or oranges or cantaloupe. It just seems wrong to me. One time I asked my Paw Paw why he did such an awful thing...and his response was that it makes the watermelon taste sweeter.


I was completely baffled. For some reason I had this crazy thought that putting salt on things made them taste salty. I could I have been led astray all these years? So I gave it a go...pulled out my slice of watermelon and gave it a sprinkle. I took a healthy Heather-sized bite of...yep you guessed it...salty watermelon. Foiled again. Gone was the sweet tasting watermelon my sense of smell had promised.

All I tasted was salt!

How could that be? Paw Paw said it was supposed to taste sweeter! He wouldn't lie to me, he loves me. I was so confused.

Years later, I think I finally understand the sweet and salty concept. You have to taste the sweet around the salty. If you go through life concentrating on all of the will miss out on the sweet stuff. And if everything in your life tasted sweet you would throw up the first time you got a hold of the salt shaker.

You know that saying..."you are not worth your salt"? I did a little research and it means you aren't worth what you were paid for...not worth your wages. That's a kicker...cause it's true.

Jesus gave up his life for us. We are not worth our salt, but he paid for us anyway. By offering up his life, he is allowing us to have some of the sweet things, but we will never live on this earth without the salty.

So I think I will try and look at life more like my Paw Paw... and taste the sweet around the salty. Anybody in?

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