Aug 8, 2009

HPSM at it Again

This week HPC is sending a 15 member team to replace the roof on the hospital and outpatient clinic before the rainy season begins. We have exactly 4 days to replace approximately 6500 square feet of roof. If there is any team on the planet that can do this is a team from HPC lead by Neil Jackson...they don't call him the Pharaoh for nothing!

Life here on the mission field requires heavy duty multitasking to say the least and all the members of the HHIM team have had their hands in various construction projects this past year...but none of us wanted to take on the responsibility of setting up for the roof replacement. It is too far out of our scope of knowledge and we are happy to admit that. So we called on HPC once again for help, and asked them to consider sending us someone who could help us prepare for the group...get all of the materials ordered, on the ground and ready for action as soon as the team hit the ground. And as always they delivered!

Mark Younger has been with us for a week prepping for the change over. He spent a day in the attic, AKA the "swimming pool" because when you come out you look like you just jumped in with all of your clothes on. He counted and marked rotten rafters that need to be replaced along with the roof. He ordered supplies and received the deliveries, helping us make sure everything is ready for Sunday morning.

Mark receiving a maerials order for the roof.

He has also been helping us with the many ongoing construction projects here on the HHIM campus. Our last group from Seacoast church began installing a drop ceiling in the intern house and Mark, with the help of our yard guy Nelvin, finished the rest of the house, along with building and installing 2 awnings to keep the rain out of our house during the upcoming storms. He installed shelves in the Williams' make shift house, and rewired some lights in my kitchen.

Mark is a first year graduate from HPSM and the training he has received from the internship program has made his week here so successful. His heart to serve, willingness to get the job done and do it with excellence has quickly made him a part of our team. He can work hard and play hard right along with the rest of us!

Thanks HPSM for doing it again! For bringing up servants in the house of the Lord...ready to do Kingdom work no matter what the cost. Your internship program continues to provide this world with much needed servant-hearted leaders.

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