Oct 24, 2009

Am I a Fool?

This has been a wild week to say the least! Live the Dream conference was a total success, as over 1000 women stepped out of their world and into the house of the King. Christine Caine gave the closing message to this incredible conference, and she spoke about 4 lepers who had the courage to look past their present circumstances and take a risk to better their futures.

It was an incredible message encouraging us to look like a fool for Christ. She had a long list of people from the Bible who were foolish for the cause: Noah, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Ester, Peter, John, David...Mary...the list goes on and on. If all of these people were able to get over themselves and risk looking like an idiot in the eyes of the world...why can't I be OK with that???

Sometimes we have such a desire to please people, or to be pleased by them, that we forget that is NOT about us anyway. To think of Jesus - naked, beaten, bleeding, hanging on the cross and listening to the taunts of the crowd - he must have looked so foolish in the eyes of his community, of his world. BUT he was OK with that! Although he felt the shame and pain of the sins of the world, he knew it would be worth it in the end. He trusted God's will for his life...even to a foolish death on a cross.

So I have to ask myself...what have I been afraid to do? What have I been pushing aside, putting off because I didn't want to look like a fool? I just wanted to blend in with common Christianity, and live my little life - not making any waves or raising too many difficult questions OR exposing myself to the world for ridicule. Why am I afraid to further the cause of Christ? Why am I afraid to look like a fool if the Bible says, "The foolish plan of God is far wiser than the wisest of human plans..." 1 Corinthians 1:25. WOW!!

There is freedom in looking foolish! I do it all the time...you know awkward moments, botched conversations, story telling, just being me will get some confused looks out of people...but all of that is for ME not for HIM. So today...I take courage in being foolish for my King. I will not be ashamed of the life he has asked me to live. I will not be fearful of the outcome. I will not be wounded by the words of others. I will stand...a proud fool, and I will live my life recklessly for the King of my heart and the lover of my soul.

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Chris Nick Joy said...

It's crazy huh? Being a 'fool' for God. When I decided to follow God to Asia many people said I was a fool. I left a nice paying job, a sweet ride, and a clutch home. I gave it all up to be a 'fool'. We got this girl. Be a 'fool' for Christ, not a fool for the world...Psalm 94:7-9