Nov 7, 2009

No Promises...Just Faith

So I was in church tonight and Pastor Fernando said something that hit me..."we aren't promised tomorrow." Now we have all heard that a zillion times, right? Martin always says..."only two things are sure in life...death and taxes."

The thing that got me thinking was this...if we aren't promised tomorrow then every time we make plans, a to-do list, or set something aside to do later we are doing it in faith. Weird, right? It doesn't seem doesn't seem abnormal...we don't think people are nuts for scheduling things in advance.

Why is it so easy for us to take that step of faith, but yet so difficult for us to believe for financial provision, healing of our bodies, restoration of our families, or freedom for nations? The list goes on and on...

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that we are just used to it. We plan for the future all of the time. We do is effortlessly and thoughtlessly. We just do it, because we have always done it. Man...if I can only take that concept and apply it to the rest of my life. If I can believe in faith that I will have a tomorrow, then why not believe for bigger things?

Why put limitations on God? Why put limitations on our faith?

So...let us practice this act of faith in other areas of our life so much that it becomes effortless to believe God for the BIG things...and then I have a feeling that the things we will walk in, the things we will be called to, and the things we will see...will be so much grander than our expectations!

Who's ready???

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