Dec 8, 2009

Ships Passing

I have been writing personal notes to put with a brochure I am sending out, and I keep thinking... "Man, I love these people!" I was sad for a moment when I thought about all the chances we miss to get together or all the times we are too busy to communicate the way we would like to. There are some people in this world that God gives you a special connection with...that no matter where you are in life or in the world when you see them, you can pick right back up with love and laughter and inspiring conversation.

God spoke to I was writing to someone's funny how He does that. You know that saying, "ships passing in the night"? People say it all the time. Well, it used to make me sad. Like you never got to see your friends or the people you really cared about because you were too busy with life BUT God sowed me something else.

He gave me the image of a dark night out on the open seas. I was a ship, sailing the course He had give me. I was focused. I was making progress. I knew that I was gaining ground for Him. Then I looked out over the water to my left, and saw a light in the distance. I knew at that moment it was the light of a friend of mine, and she was sailing the course God had given her. I was comforted by her light because I knew that she was doing the same thing I was. Even though I couldn't be with her in person I felt connected to her though God.

Sometimes in life we can't see everyone we want. We can't hug them as long as we would like. We can't cook them a meal or share a lengthly conversation. But God gives us something better! When we have an eternal perspective, we realize that the time we have on this earth is just an appetizer. We are doing His work. We are about the Father's business. We can look out across the ocean and see the light of Christ shining from every ship in the water and be comforted that we will be able to spend eternity with them in heaven. We will have all the time we need, because time won't even matter.

So be comforted. Be encouraged. Know that I love you and that I think about you. I see your light off in the distance and I pray for it to shine brighter so I can see you better! In times such as these we have to be about the Father's business because there are so many people out there who can't see past today...let alone see into eternity. But we have hope in Christ that we will be together forever! WOW!

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