Jan 9, 2010

Back in the Office

I found things a little different when I returned to the office in Honduras. While I was away we received a container of office supplies, equipment and medical exam room furniture. The container in itself was a major feat...the items came from my mom's office building, Kevin Lalonde lead a team of people to collect and pack the goodies (2 full storage units worth) and HPC paid for storage and shipping of the items.

So while I was in the states the fruits of our labor landed in Honduras and the Williams family along with our HHG interns made multiple trips to bring the equipment up the mountain and unload it into the clinic. They have all been working non-stop trying to get it situated into the the clinic. When I was away Wendy called me on skype telling me that they had set up my office! She was so excited to tell me that I would return to a desk, filing cabinet, a garbage can all to myself and a REAL office chair!!! haha...it may not cound like much but I have been working with a plastic folding table and metal folding chair so I couldn't be more happy.

I wanted to share my new office space with you...so take a look!

My new desk! (notice the org charts on the board behind the desk...we are coming up with our "Dream Team")

I also came back to a Christmas present...a doll they found in the grocery store. Her name is actually "Healthy Heather" she has food strapped all over her and when you press the items she tells the listener why the different food groups are important. And the BEST part...she is bilingual! haha...they said she looked just like me, so they had to get her for me!

It is definitely great to be back and I can't wait to get my office space set up and bring "Healthy Heather" to the schools next year to teach the students about healthy eating! haha

God is so good!

Oh...here is the prayer calendar that highlights some of our needs at HHGlobal and the things that we will be seeking God for as we bring in 2010! Thanks for standing with us! Just click on the image for a closer look!


Anonymous said...

And a corner office, to boot! God bless your new digs. :)

Heather Stewart said...

haha! I didn't even think about that! LOL Thanks for the blessings!