May 10, 2010

Day in the Clinic

It has been a while since I was able to spend some time in the clinic. I did a little bit of translating today for the nurse practitioner, Eric McCraney. He did an amazing job diagnosing and teaching the patients about their conditions. It felt really great to be with the patients.

There was so much pressing.

Food to put out.

Projects to start.

People to direct.


Plan for the next team.

But the midst of the craziness. I see two of the people that always steal my heart right out of my chest.

One, an 18 month old boy named Jairo. He was not wanted by his mother. She barely fed him, and hardly ever touched him. A woman took him in as her son, and brought him to us for help. He is thriving now...although he was sick with a fever today, he was clean, clothed and well fed. Weighing in at 20 pounds! I took him into my arms and held him until he fell asleep, resting his head on my chest.

Another, a 17 year old girl named Elsa. She is from the village of Paraiso. We saw her for the first time at a brigade in her village in March. She is disabled, mentally and physically, so she was left by her mother...and gets passed around between "family" members. She was brought to the brigade because she wasn't having a period, and her care taker was concerned that she was pregnant. Thank God, she was not. We saw her a few days later at the clinic, and determined that she wasn't having her period because she was severely malnourished. He lower legs were 3 times their normal size because of her protein deficiency. We gave her baby formula, because that is all we had to supplement her. We gave her and her care taker clothes, soap, shampoo...anything we could give them to bring her back to see us. Today she came, and she had gained 4 pounds! Her legs were no longer swollen, but she still wasn't having her period. Another pregnancy test, another negative, Praise Him!

While we were waiting for her test results, I took her to the patient bathroom and we brushed our teeth together. I showed her how to brush and we talked about when she needed to do it. She picked out a neon green toothbrush. She was so excited. My heart broke and was put back together and flew right out of my chest again.

Jesus is here, and anything can happen.
Jesus is here, and anything IS happening...right HERE!

Thank you Lord, for today. Thank you for letting me see the fruit of your work in Jairo and Elsa. Please bring them back again. Let us care for those who have your heart.

I wish I had pictures to show you. Maybe one day I will get the courage to ask Elsa to take one with me. I feel that our relationship is too tender...I do not want to exploit her. She is a doll, and makes my heart smile at her gentleness. I wish I had her ready to love others. So quick to smile.

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Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

heather, I cannot wait til we have time to go on family missions.

it is my motherly mission to make sure that my girls never forget how blessed they are. I remember children being excited over shoes and socks on our trips! ughh, to think my girls have 4-5 toothbrushes each!

can't wait to see you soon...

- laura