May 8, 2010

Two Schools Come Together

This past week we had a team from The Life Church in Memphis, TN come and serve with us in Honduras. They helped us roll out our new education program for the students in our area. This program involves 3 stations with hygiene related activities, one art project, games and a creative gospel presentation. 

The last day the team was with us, we had the honor of traveling to the village of La Colorada. This day was special for so many reasons, but one that stands out to me is that we were able to serve 2 schools at one time. There is a village deeper into the jungle than La Colorada, at least 2 hours deeper in, called Los Planes. The teacher from this village brought 20 students of all ages, plus 7 graduates from his class last year, down to La Colorada to participate in our program. 

This is a picture of all of the students, the 2 teachers, and our team from Life Church. 

Here the kids are learning about healthy eating...and YES...that is the "Healthy Heather" doll!!! But we renamed her "Sarita Saludable" so the kids would understand the rhyme in Spanish :)

Here the kids are coloring pictures with hygiene related items. Even the boys enjoy this simple pleasure of making something pretty.

Here Rebecca and Michael are teaching the kids how to brush their teeth. The kids actually do the activity so that we can show them how much tooth paste to use and how to brush the right way. 

We have plans to further expand the program, and when we have larger visiting teams we will have more hands to help with bigger schools. I am so excited about what God has in store for these kids this year. We hope to reach every school twice with the education program, and help the teacher with small repairs to their classrooms and give them donated school supplies. 

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