Aug 5, 2007

Good News

I wanted to share a praise report! I have been trying to sell my car, a 2005 Ford Focus, for the past few months because I knew that I would not be able to afford the car note once I quit my job. It is kind of hard to keep paying your bills when you don’t have any money coming in! Any way, the idea was to sell the car pay off the loan and then use the left over $ to buy a used car outright. That way I would have a way to get around to all the places I needed to be and not have to pay the car note.

Well things didn’t work out like I had planned, and I still have not sold my car…anyone interested…BUT God is good and what I am learning is that he likes to provide for me in unexpected ways. In ways that will let me know it is directly from him and not by chance.

I went to The Call in July, check it out at, where I received a word from God that he was going to give me a reliable car that would get me to all the places I needed to be. I thought, great God really knows my address! So I prayed and waited and waited and prayed; then I started thinking of ways that he could work this out so I would be ready. The one thing I didn’t want to do was act on my own and try to get a car that wasn’t the one he wanted me to have.

So then my mom informs me that she was telling my Granddaddy my plight and he wanted to give me a car! That’s right a 1993 Buick Olds! God has sent me a ghetto super car! I am so excited!

I can’t help but be amazed that God works things out every time, and every time it is in a way that I never would have guessed. Now I am just waiting for the right buyer for my Focus and ALL of that money will be able to go toward my tuition for Elevate!

Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you!

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