Aug 21, 2007

Tree of Life

During Prayer this morning I began to see myself as a tender leaf barely clinging to the tree of life. Ripped and tormented by sin, struggling to stay connected. My hearts desire is to become a mighty branch, plugged into the life giving power of God. A position that will only be strengthened by the winds of struggle. I want to be firmly rooted and totally supported by Jesus. Living water will flow through my veins and into other tender leaves. I want to be a vessel that God's uses to distribute that power to his people. To those who struggle like I did, those who's only thought was survival. I want to show them how to LIVE!

Father I want to rejoice in the winds of struggle and the storms of life because they will only strengthen my connection to you. I want so much of Jesus' love flowing through me that it drips out and plants new trees. I want to be a conduit that spreads the love of Christ and reaches those on the fringes. The ones that think they are too far gone and they can't hold on any longer. I want to help plug them into Jesus.

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