Sep 25, 2007

A New Lesson on Humility

I learned a new lesson in Humility today...I forgot to do something that I was responsible for and it cost a 13 people an hour of their time. I don't like wasting people's time and I felt really bad today. The more important thing is that's this lesson isn't about me, it's about what God is trying to teach me through my be humble. So after a bit of groveling and telling a few jokes to pass the time God did an amazing thing. He used me to teach a mini lesson on humility.

I was already at the front of the room. I was in the position to be used because I was humble for a minute or two. I told a story that someone told me about the cloak of humility...

A man was praying and captivated in worship. He was seeking God and praying for true humility before the Lord. God placed him in His throne room. The man stood in the full presence and glory or God! He was captivated by His awesome beauty and love. The the man looked down at himself and noticed that he was wearing a garment made of burlap. He saw himself as nothing without God, but then underneath that burlap he saw something shining. He began to pull the burlap away to reveal stunning armor made studded with jewels. He continued to remove the cloak to look at the glorious armor underneath. As he did, the presence of God shrank away from him and when the man felt God's glory leave he let the cloak fall over himself again and returned his gaze to God. As the cloak of humility fell over him he was able to bask in God's glory and not his own.

When I get distracted with myself I miss out on the full and glorious presence of God. Today I learned another lesson in humility, the hard being humbled. Painful but fruitful.

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