Nov 8, 2007

Gas Tanks, Cell Phones and Faith

So God has really been asking me to trust Him for everything, not just that he will feed me and put gas in my car, but for the big stuff too. Like $4000 for Tuition and the total and complete restoration of my family and that I will one day be sharing His love with the nations. I have been reading the story about Jesus walking on the water and Peter walking out to meet him. He keeps asking me to get out of the boat and trust him. Have faith Heather!!! But my problem is, that I don't know where my boat ends and the water begins. I have always done things on my own strength. I have always been the solution girl, the one with all of the answers so it is hard to trust Him for things becasue I feel like I have to do something to earn it or at least try really hard to get it.

So I was sitting on the side of the road with a friend cause we ran out of gas. While we were waiting for Kelly to come rescue us with the gas can God moved. He said "get out of the boat!" That was it, I couldn't do anything about it, I was stuck on the side of the road. I couldn't go any farther on my own gas. God blessed me and my friend with full tanks of gas (Thanks Jill you rock!) and $100 worth of groceries (we were down to peanut butter and crackers), but it wasn't until after I couldn't do anything on my own. He brought me past the point where I could solve the problem.

So now my cell phone has been cut off by my friends at AT&T becasue I couldn't pay the bill and my other friends at Sallie Mae are having to send me emails that I need to pay my student loan. But now instead of trying to solve this problem, I am stepping back and waiting to see how God will move!

If I keep finding a way on my own strength I rob him of the opportunity to bless me. And becasue I can't receive his blessings my faith never grows. And I can't grow without an increase in my faith. Whew!

So I'll keep you updated about how God provides more than enough. Remember right before Peter got out of the boat Jesus fed 5000 people from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. But there wasn't just enough to go around...everyone ate until they were satisfied and there were still 12 baskets of food left over!!! Our God is an awesome God!!

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Rockstar said...

It's those wait and see moments. It's like we talked about with the prayer of Jabez. God wants us to live in that I am gonna just die if I have to get out of the boat butterflies in our stomachs. You got to the end of YOUR rope which is where you should live and then He was finally able to do something. It's beleiving until the victory not just enduring the circumstances. I LOVE YOU HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!! <---- Notice LOTS of exclamation points.