Jan 1, 2008

New Developments

Well the winter break is coming to an end. I fly back home to BR tomorrow. That's funny I don't think I've ever called BR home before. I usually claim New Orleans, more exciting I guess. I was raised in the Big Easy but I have lived in BR for, off an on, 7 years now. I guess it's time to accept it.

You wanna know another funny thing? Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel. I have the blood of a missionary pumping through these veins. That is why I am going through Elevate; it is the preparation part for what God has planned for me. Elevate will be over in May but I know that I am not ready to leave. Of course I won't get my Master's Degree until next year, so I will be sticking around but that's not the only reason. While I was away this break, my travels were filled with a longing to be back home. This is really a new feeling for me. To miss a place that I am already intimately familiar with. More than anything I think I miss my family and friends.

I feel disconnected from what normally gives me life. I feel like I am not connected to the vine anymore. I am shriveling up. I am lonely even though I am surrounded by people. I have developed some great friendships in the past year and I miss that companionship. I miss the freedom I have in their presence, to just be me.

I guess I know what it feels like to be living in the fullness of God's presence and then be removed from it. I know that God is everywhere and that He is always with me, but the challenge presented to me now is to take that same fire keep it with me wherever I go.

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