Jan 1, 2008

Double Duty

Multiple posting...in one day...I have unlimited access to the internet right now and I am frying my brain. I can really feel it turning into to mush as I type this and it is leaking out of my eyeballs. Sad but true. I have spent an enormous time on the internet this week.

Blogs, Podcasts, Myspace, Facebook, Weather.com, Google.

It has been my attempt to catch up on the tings I have been trying to do for the past 3 months. I have read about politics, Peru, human trafficking, snow storms, homeless people, hurting people, hungry people. You are probably saying..."no wonder she is lonely!" And you are probably right. My time and access to the internet needs to be limited for my own good, lol, but reading these things help remind me why I am here. To bring the only thing that can comfort these people, Jesus, to them in a way that they can grab on to. Not in empty prayers, but in groceries, Christmas gifts, warm jackets, sleeping bags, whatever they need.

God, I want your name to be glorified on this Earth. I want your love to be felt by th
ose who feel forgotten. I want to be a part of it, more than anything else. I won't be satisfied to watch it pass by. I want to hold those hurting kids in my arms. I want to feed those hungry people and build houses for the homeless. God don't ever let me get so comfortable that I forget them, because you won't ever forget them.

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