Jan 1, 2008

New Year...New Releases

Have you ever told God he could have something. You know, you lay it down at the cross but you when you think no one is looking you pick part of it back up. Not the whole thing because you know that wouldn't be right. But you sneak off with just an itsy bisty teeny tiny part of it because even though it is heavy and cumbersome to carry you are just used to the weight of it on your back.

I have done it many times and I have probably haven't even realized it every time. I guess I think laying down part of it will lighten the load enough for me to handle the situation. There in lies the problem...I am trying to handle it, again. I don't know what the root of that is. Whether it is approval seeking..."look at what I can do God"...or if it is just that I don't trust him...or that I want whatever it is so bad that I don't care what he thinks is best for me.

Well in 2008 my resolution is to leave it alone. Whatever it is, lay it down and walk away. Trusting in God becasue he is trustworthy and has never failed me.

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