Apr 6, 2008


I received a letter today from a friend of mine. A woman I love dearly. I was really a note more than a letter but I just can't shake the feeling I got when I opened it. There probably weren't even 30 words written on the yellow post-it note but I could feel the love from her as I read each one.

This note was attached to a money order that was to go into my Elevate account to help with my tuition or my mission trip, what ever I needed. I just think of all of the sacrifice that went into that envelope. I think of how much she believes in me to sow seed into my future walk with Christ. I know that God has richly blessed her and that he will continue to do so. I pray for her and her family and I thank God for her. She has been used by God to increase my faith on more than one occasion.

I think about my aunt who has supported me faithfully every month. Her letters have shown up in just enough time to buy gas or food or make a tuition payment. I have been sustained by her kindness and her sacrifice. I am so thankful for her obedience and I know that God is taking note of her faithfulness.

I have so many faithful supporters in prayer and finances and I just need to let them know that I am so grateful. Their sacrifices are not going unnoticed by me and most importantly by God.

I look back at all of the sacrifice and I just know that it isn't about me. It's about the others that I will meet, serve and lo
ve. It is about those who have not yet come to know Jesus. This is so much bigger than I am. I hope that God will continue to use me becasue I am willing. I am available. I so desperately want to be obedient.

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