May 25, 2008

Home sweet home

So we finally made it back to baton rouge with 2 hours to spare before graduation! Just enough time to jump in the shower and wash off the three days of travel and head back over to the church for the service.

Graduation was awesome! My mom, sister Sarah, Jared and my Grammy and G-Daddy came in town for the service!! What a blessing! I love Tiffany and Michelle and their supportive husbands. They are amazing people and I cannot imagine the sacrifices that they make for us interns. The service was 5 star all the way...from the recap video to the special Elevate song with Gered Lambert demonstrating his interpretive dance skills. If anyone got that song and dance on tape I would really like to get that on the send it to me asap! Everyone should be blessed with that performance.

Well it is now 8:38 Central Standard time and 4am (I think) in I am pooped! Good night from Baton Rouge! Thank you for praying us home!

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