May 24, 2008


We experienced a bit of TIA (This is Africa) when we tried to make our plane connection from Swaziland to South Africa. We were delayed and missed the long flight back to the states. Don't worry...God knows what he is doing and I think it was wonderful to get an extra day of rest. We are together with the Moze team and it is so cool to hear the stories of what God has done in the past 10 days.

I think I will be posting on Africa for about a month! We will be making the connecting flight tonight which will put us in New Orleans on 5/25 at 11:30am, just a few hours before graduation. Graduation is going as planned so if you are going to be there please come I would love to see you there when I get the honor of walking across the stage!!

It has been such an honor to serve here in Africa. God is amazing and I have grown so much closer to him...learning to depend on him even more. Learning to trust him even when I don't understand his ways...learning to love him and his people.

I have made some incredible friend isn the past 10 days and learned the importance of friendships and relationships even if they are 8000 milke away. The Body of Christ covers the world and now I know that my family does too. I LOVE IT!!!

It is sad to leave here but God is going to keep working here. He has plans for every child I kissed. He has plans for every mouth to be fed and every back to be clothed and every thirsty soul to be quenched. His hand is moving. His arms are holding. His vioice is comforting. He is all things everywhere.

Well I have 3 minutes of African Internt Cafe time left so I will close this message with the promise of more to come. There are so many stories so many pictures so many things I want to share with you all.

Pray for us on the rest of the way home and as we go out again...wherever and whenever that may be...

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