Jun 3, 2008

Adventures in Honduras

During the 3 days I spent in Honduras there was a...

Hurricane scare: It turned out to be a tropical storm, but for a few hours we were wondering if the plan we were creating for the next year would have to include rebuilding everything from the ground up. It was a scary thought.

Plane crash: TACA airlines (AKA ...Take A Chance Airlines) had a plane crash in Tegucigalpa. That airport is considered the most dangerous in the world because of the mountains that surround the very short runway. TACA is one of the few airlines that fly from Honduras to USA. I was actually on 5 different TACA planes in between La Ceiba and New Orleans.

Although these made for interesting phone conversations... "Hello...it's Heather. I only have a few minutes to talk...Yes, I know about the Hurricane...it's only a Tropical Storm...just a little bit of rain. Yes, I heard about the plane crash...Yes, I am flying on TACA but not out of Teguc. No, we should be home as scheduled..." They were conversations I would have rather not had at all.

I guess I am going to have to get used to it though. That's where the faith comes in. I believe in the promise God has given me through the Bible that says he has plans for my life (Jeremiah 29:11). I believe in the power of prayer and that my God reigns in this world. I trust in Him for my safety. So please join me in prayer; I will never turn it down!

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