Jun 1, 2008

Time with God

So I woke up bright and early...OK it wasn't early at all...more like 3:57pm, but I was fully rested and ready to go. The problem was that I didn't know what I was going to do. I have just been around the world and back. I graduated from Elevate and now it isn't even called Elevate anymore. My world has changed, but I am so excited about the future!

So since I didn't know what I was going to do when I woke up, I decided to spend some time with the Lord. No rush. No assigned reading. Open ended. It was great! I have been reading about the life of David...I really want to be like him. David was after the heart of God and that is what I want. I have such a strong desire to know His character, to know His heart.

I spent a few hours reading in 1 Samuel and boy did God show up. He taught me about jealousy and how dangerous it can be. I used to compare myself to others. I would look at their blessings...their call then I would stop looking at God and get all confused at what He wanted me to do. God spoke to me through the story of David and Saul. He showed me how jealousy consumed Saul and eventually turned into hatred and lead to the murder of almost 100 priests! Can you believe it?! Saul murdered God's holy consecrated priests. I can't even imagine that!!

Whew...taught me a lesson. I confessed. I repented. And I asked God to keep me in line. God has plans for each of us. Those plans are all different. If we try to force ourselves into the mold God has designed for someone else we will be extremely uncomfortable.

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes that didn't fit? (I am sooo guilty of this). If they are too big they rub blisters everywhere. If they are too small your toes get all squished. Either way you can't walk right. Sure you can get around, but it is painful and you are constantly thinking about how bad your feet hurt. Your back starts to hurt becasue you aren't walking straight and you don't cover as much ground as you should have. WOW!

Just apply that to your whole life! If you try to walk in someone else's shoes...their calling...you will get all messed up. I am so thankful that God has designed a pair of shoes just for me. He has even designed a road for me to walk on and made the two of them match perfectly.

Maybe you feel like you are wearing a pair of hiking boots at the ball. Just hold on. God has a plan for those boots. Just trust Him. Look at what your shoes are good for and it may just give you some clues to what God has designed you for.

Yes I got all of that from a few hours with my bible, you should try it sometime. He wants to speak to you too.


Melissa Pop said...

I like what you wrote in this post, got me thinking. Thank you for sharing.

Heather Stewart said...

Meli, thanks for reading! It's funny because when I sat down to write that post I was planning on writing something totally different. I am glad it spoke to you. There is something very powerful about taking hold of what God has designed for you to do. We can get so wrapped up in comparing ourselves to others that we miss the whole thing. And really it's not about us anyway; it's about God. I hope you keep reading. Things are about to get really interesting around here!

Kelly Pitts said...

Heather! You my friend are AWESOME! And I just felt like telling you. :)