Dec 1, 2008

Prayer for Papa Jack

Many of you know that Papa Jack and Mama Shirley were the begining of the work I am doing in Honduras. They served the Lord here for 23 years before being called away to India. I met Papa Jack through the School of Minisrty, he was one of my teachers. He is my main connection to was through Him that the first conversations about sending me here took place. 

Right now Papa Jack and his family are engaged in a battle. He is fighting a dangerous bacterial infection. He has already undergone 2 surgeries to remove the infected areas of skin. He has done well and the doctors are pleased with his progress so far. I am writing this blog to request prayer for him. 

Papa Jack loves the Lord and is secure in his salvation, for sure! Lets lift him up together and help carry the burden for him before the Lord. Pray for his healing, his wife, his children and grandchildren. Pray for the doctors, the medicines, and anything else the Lord lays on your heart. 

This man is very special to me. He has served the Lord with everything. He has been obedient all the way, and I know that if the Lord chooses to take him, then Papa Jack will serve Him in Heaven. 

I will let you know whan I hear more about his condition. Thank you!

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marybethg said...

We made a card for him last night at class. Krystle is bringing it to him today. He's so sweet, Heather! His so concerned about the school and getting back in action! We are all agreeing with you here that God will bring healing.