Dec 2, 2008

Papa Jack Update

Thank you for all of your prayers! Papa Jack is doing much better after the second surgery. The antibiotics were effective in stoping the spread of the infection! The doctors have moved him to a rehab facility to begin the healing process and prepare him for the skin grafts that he will need. 

Please continue to pray that:
  • God will continue to work though the antibiotics.
  • Papa Jack will keep his spirits up during this trial and that he would find rest at the foot of the cross.
  • Papa Jack will heal quickly from the surgeries and the skin grafts.

Glory to God, there has been so much ground covered already. The prayers of many saints have been going up all over the world for Papa Jack. His revocery already is astounding the doctors. Let's keep the prayer cover up for him so that God's name will be further glorified!

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