Feb 1, 2009

Full Circle

If you reach way back into the cobwebs of your mind, you may remember that the 1st reason I was approached to come to Honduras was to teach English at the Christian High School in Rio Viejo, Instituto El Rey (Institute of the King). The plan later changed for me to serve at the hospital with Dr. Martin and Wendy. 

I am loving my time here, especially since the visiting teams are about to start rolling in and I am really going to see this place in action! 

There have been some new developments in the past 3 weeks here in la cuenca. For one...my work here has come full circle. In addition to my work at the hospital I will be teaching 2 English classes a day at the high school. The teacher who was supposed to come and teach for the year canceled at the last minute and left the school with a big hole in their schedule. So the HHIM interns have stepped up! 

Tomorrow is not only my first day back at clinic, after my time in the States, it is also my first day as a 7th grade English teacher! That's right...all of you who said I would make a great teacher...this is either your chance to be utterly disappointed or beaming with pride. I won't know which it will be until tomorrow...or maybe we will have to wait until the end of my time with the kids and see if they can speak any English!

I have been trying to remember my 7th grade English class and what I learned and how my teacher made it fun and interesting. I have been thinking about my little Sunday School kids from St. Amant last year and how I grew to love watching their personalities develop. 

I know I have some tough days ahead of me. Teaching is a full time job in itself and we are about to start hosting teams and I have major responsibilities with that as well.

The good thing is: I am in way over my head. Which means that it is all in God's hands. I am just letting myself be stretched and pressed and pulled into the woman he wants me to become after my time here. I have been challenged to seek out the glory of God this week, and I know that he likes to show up when we can't do anything but show up. 

So God, here I am. Your daughter, Heather. I am here to do whatever you have planned for me. You have given me so many opportunities to learn, now help me to use those experiences and teach others. I love you and I need you, desperately. 

If you are praying for me, please pray for this:
  • That I would use the influence that God has given me to bring Him glory.
  • That I would be focused and dilligent at the tasks before me.
  • That I would be wise in what I decide to spend my time on.
  • That I would have good judgement in my classes.
  • That I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in every situation.

Thank you for your dedication to me and for your sacrifices. I need you all!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is very exciting to hear. Your go-with-the-flowness is so inspiring. I love that about you! I know you will do an amazing job and God is so going to use you to make a bigger impact on the lives there than you ever dreamed. And as usual you are in my prayers : ) love and hugs from home! -Erin

Heather Stewart said...

Yeah it is crazy being a teacher... it is a big responsibility, you know. I am the one teaching them how to do something new...weird!