Apr 24, 2009

En Route

Well things have been a bit more nuts than usual this week. I am actually in route to Louisiana right now. It is 4am my time and in about 12 hours I should touch down in New Orleans. HHIM has been blessed incredibly by a donation of medical supplies and office equipment from my mom's office building. Dr. Martin and I are on our way there to pick out the things that we would like to ship to the clinic!

How incredible that God should choose to use us in this way. I am so excited that my mom is working on this and that she is sowing seed into the ministry in Honduras! I will try to keep you posted on the happenings while I am here. We will be working, working, and working!

On another note, the Canadian team is leaving today as well. Dr. Martin and I had to miss thier closing meeting tonight but we were with them in spirit. They have been an incredible team the past 8 weeks and it is going to be so strange to return home and not have them there. 

I pray that God will continue to speak to them about missions and about the world. I pray that this experience will continue to guide them and challeng them and they begin to make big life decisions, and try to answer life's big questions.

So if you are praying :) please pray for safe travels for Dr. Martin and I as we head to New Orleans and Baton Rouge to take care of business. We are so excited about what God is doing and He is doing it FAST and BIG!

I love you all and I am sorry for the lack of blogs this week, but with the Canadians leaving, the container packing and the power being out I haven't had much to work with :).


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

I'm with your mom and Rufino right NOW... was just teelling her that I've missed your blog updates and now I know why! yay!! what a great blessing!!!

Unknown said...

yay!!! Its you!!! LOL

Okay love you by!