Jun 15, 2009

Mission Field Fashion

I am posting this picture against better judgement, but I thought it would be a good lesson for those of you who are interested in missions work. Some people have the misconception that the mission field is a bit glamorous...that we have a rock star-esque appeal.

I have to admit that although I feel really cool most of the time...the pictures are proving otherwise. OK, if you are taking notes...write these down:

  1. If you have cool hair in the States...you won't have cool here.
  2. Comfort and functionality always win out over cute and fashionable.
  3. What you think is cute and fashionable changes into what other people call "the mountain girl look"
Take this picture as an example:

  1. Scarf: it is a little chilly in the morning but not enough to warrant pants, so a scarf works very well.
  2. T-Shirt: cool and airy
  3. Capri pants: covers the knees but leaves room for your ankles to breathe
  4. Socks: It was cold that morning...hence the scarf, so I needed to keep my toes warm
  5. Clogs: We don't wear our shoes in the house because of the many kinds of poop we walking though daily...so you need to have shoes that are easy to get out of
So all of this adds up to a pretty pitiful look. I think I used to be cute at some point in my life. I don't really notice the difference until I am looking at pictures of myself or until I go back to the States and see what everyone else is wearing.

I am saying all of this just to clear up any idealism about fashion on the mission field.

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marybethg said...

Well, you're definitely still cute! You're just Honduran mountain girl cute now instead of a cute HPC chick. Both equally cute but different...oh so different...lol! Love you gorgeous!