Jun 20, 2009

Things I did this weekend that I never thought I would do...

  1. sleep inside of a tent inside of a building
  2. put my deodorant on in front of a male non-family member
  3. have some one tell me they found a tick in their private areas
  4. hear some one say they were afraid of sleeping without their gun
  5. participate in a 3 day clinic and see over 700 patients
  6. take a 30 person team on a "modified camping trip"
  7. drive a 4x4 truck full of people and supplies across 1 river and 7 creeks into the mountains
  8. take allergy medicine as a sleeping aid
  9. sleep on a blow up raft with a battery operated fan 8 inches from my face
  10. have a candle light worship service in Spanish on the front porch of a school
  11. go to sleep at 7pm because it was too dark to do anything else
This has been an incredible weekend! I have had so much fun, and been stretched and challenged in ways that can only happen when you are in the will of God. Thank you all for your prayers this weekend!

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marybethg said...

SO glad to hear that all went well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way. Luv ya!