Sep 29, 2009

HPSM Chapel

Today I had the great opportunity of participating in a panel discussion with Natalie Spera and Brandon Bourgeois at HPSM Chapel. All three of us are HPSM graduates (although it was called Elevate in our day) and we are all currently working in full time ministry.

It was such an honor to speak into the lives of the interns...what an incredible class they are! I can remember what it was like to be in the audience...just scribbling down notes as fast as I could...trying to soak it all in. We had access to some of the greatest staff members, teachers and guest speakers...and to think that I was on the stage was really cool.

It made me think about this new phase of my life. I am no longer an intern...I am a full time missionary. Of course I am still being led by people in my life...but I am also leading people. I am thinking on this new concept of being led to lead.

You will never ever out grow your need for God, we will always be students in His house...but now I have the responsibility to feed into help others be more successful. My heart is still bent on being an armor bearer. I want to help others be the best possible version of themselves. I want to let the struggles of my life become stepping stones for others. So that maybe...just maybe they will go a little bit farther than I did.

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