Oct 16, 2009

Fresh Perspective

I am reading this new devotional in the evenings. I know you are supposed to do that kind of thing in the morning...but I am NOT an early bird and God seems to meet me in the evenings.

So anyway, It is called Intimate Conversations by Alicia Britt Chole.

It has some great introspective questions and has got me rethinking some things in my life. Like, drum-roll-please.....business.

When did business become a "good" thing, or a thing that made us feel important? Are we really more significant in this world if our phone is ringing constantly, or if our fingers are permanently mounted to various types of qwerty keyboards?

What motivates my "yes" and "no" to people or tasks? Is it what I will get out of spending time with that person? Burn...right? Do I say no to people because of the inconvenience it will cause me, or the cramp it will put in my schedule? Do I say yes to people out of fear or obligation...or worse yet, because it makes me feel loved and accepted....even important to be needed?

Overall I really believe that my desire to be obedient to God drives the answers I give to the big questions, but what about the little ones? What about those daily decisions that come and go in an instant? What drives me to make those calls?

If I could change three things about my schedule...any three things at all...I think they would be:
  1. To slow down
  2. To have more time in reflection and just being with God
  3. To have more time in relationship with the people in my life
It seems to me, that all of these things involve time. The common denominator in all of our lives is that we only have 24 hours in a day. No matter where you live, what language you speak or what kind of car you drive...you only have 24 hours in a day.

So since I can't get more time, I am asking God for grace...lots of grace. I need to receive it, and to give it freely to those around me.

Whew...that was a page full for sure. Just kind of came out on the screen, so I am sorry if it is a little disjointed.

Honduras is great, but I am leaving Sunday for the States...and getting ready to Live the Dream at Healing Place Church!

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