Oct 8, 2009

Loving in Circles

Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself the question..."why does this always happen to me? or to that person? or to my family? or to [insert here]?"

Maybe we should be asking different questions?

Maybe we should be looking for opportunities to learn, and to love better than we did the last time around. Life keeps coming...it is part of the deal. We cannot control other people...that is called manipulation. We cannot force...that is called coercion.

All we can really do is love. Sometimes we get to do it up close. Sometimes we have to do it from far away...in a safe place. Sometimes it is gentle, and sometimes it is tough.

Love has many faces. I just hope one of the faces it has...is mine, and maybe...one day I can love someone long enough that they have the courage to break out.

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