Oct 3, 2009

A Mentor to Mentors

You know how someone can casually say something to you, you know, just in passing and it kind of sticks to you? Then a few days later, someone else says something very similar and then you are struck again? Well that is what happened to me last week. People kept telling me about Alicia Britt Chole and how she was teaching a class on mentoring to the leaders of the HPC Connect groups, and they thought I should go.

Alicia Britt Chole was a hard core atheist...and this immediately intrigued me. It's not that I love atheists...well I guess I do in a way, but the reason this sparked an interest in me was because she teaches about the art of one on one mentoring. She teaches about doing life on life with people...and anyone who is an atheist, was an atheist or knows an atheist understands how difficult it is to wrap your mind around that one.

She opened up to a room of about 100 people and shared her story, her journey though being mentored and equipped us with tools to help people in our life become more like Christ...not more like ourselves. If you get a chance check out her website (www.truthportraits.com), read a book or two, or just think about who God has put in your life to mentor you and for you to mentor.

We are always in process. We will never be able to help people if we think we have to "have it all together" before we can start. I am so inspired. I am so excited...and I am not as scared as I was a few hours ago!

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