Jan 23, 2010

History lesson...and lots of others, too!

I have pretty much been working at my computer non-stop the past few days. I revamped the blog (looks nice, right?) and I have been working on the HHGlobal blog as well. When we changed the name of the organization, Martin and Wendy decided it was time for a whole new look. So, we got a new logo, new colors and a new website and blog to go along with the new name. It is a pretty sweet package if you ask me!

Becca painting the new logo on our meeting room wall!

So for the past few days I have been moving the old blog archives into the new Blogger blog. Unfortunately, our old blog host doesn't allow for easy exporting, or at least this girl didn't know how it could be done...so 'copy and paste' was my only option. 68 blogs later, all of the HHGlobal history has found its new home!!

I feel like I have lived the past 4 years all over again. I have seen Sam and Rachel grow up...birthdays and Christmases, braces and school days, trips to Wal-Mart and Cracker Barrel, breakdowns and blessings, buildings coming up out of the ground, old interns and new interns, VEHICLES, teams and teams and more teams...WOW. I feel so blessed to be a part of this ministry, and blessed to be with them now...writing what will soon be history.

I have such big feelings about 2010. There is such a heavy expectancy on my heart...and sometimes...it is all I can do to not run screaming. It may sound funny but it is true! I really believe God is moving BIG time here, but it will be different this year.

3 of my favorite people: Wendy, Claudia, Me, and Martin. Right after our 3 day planning session for 2010!

We started our Thursday Bible study with the missionary girls on the mountain. We are studying Esther. Man....I love that book. I have always been drawn to the mystery, drama, action and romance captured in its pages. But you know what...Esther carried the responsibility of the outcome on her shoulders. Did God call her? Yes. Did He equip her? Yes, again. Did He deliver her? Of course. BUT....He did it all behind the scenes. He did not part the "Red Sea" for her. He did not write anything on the wall. He worked through a scared girl who's only qualification was that she was willing.

I think that God is going to move in this way in 2010. I know He will be there with us...but I also feel like we are going to have to dig in deep and work like we have never worked before. Our capacity as a team will be stretched, our unity will be tested, and we will have to rely on each other to help carry the burdens.

Getting to know each other through personality testing! 

I read something the other day, I can't remember where it was, or who said it...but I have been thinking about it ever since...It said..."God does't call the qualified, He qualifies the called." This is the year of qualification, and it will come with sleepless nights and sweaty days. Lord please be with us. Please send your prayer warriors to help carry us. Please give us the courage to stand and not run away from the bigness of your dream. Keep us close to you. Keep us humble and wanting more of you. We are hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

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