Jan 14, 2010

One More Answered Prayer

Today our prayer request was for team unity. With that said...let me walk you through our day together.

7am - Call from Wendy, while I am still laying in bed..."The container is in Las Mangas and will be here in like 30 minutes! So much for sleeping in today and having a nice breakfast, huh? Go wake up Evie and Brandon and get them over here! I'll call the interns."

7:20am - Everyone is on the porch ready for action...stacking chairs, moving furniture, cleaning the courtyard and making the place as ready as possible to receive a 40x8x10ft container's worth of stuff.

8am-ish - Call from Dr. Martin..."The truck is stuck and can't get up the mountain! I've gotta go take a look." Meanwhile...the team is waiting patiently on stand-by...for a half-hour...then an hour...without complaining everyone disperses to try and get some other work done before arrival.

Noon - The container arrives with about 25 volunteers from the community to help us unload it. So our team works alongside community volunteers to unpack and organize all of the equipment.

2pm-4pm - The empty container was unloaded off of the 18-wheeler truck bed.

6:30pm - The container was reloaded with non-essential supplies and equipment. Items were organized and put away, and the courtyard looked better than it did before we started.

All I have to say is...that God definitely answered our prayer for greater team unity, and He went above and beyond that to include the community! I feel like our team pulled together today in a way that hasn't happened before. Just one more miracle to add to the list today!

God is sooo good!!!

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